About Us

lq10 Antonello Serra moved to London in 1995 from the Il Faro restaurant in Sardinia, with its one Michelin Star for the high level of cuisine based on the reinterpretation of traditional dishes and seasonal products. In the City, he worked at two prestigious venues: Metrogusto and Assaggi, also given one Star in the Michelin Guide. 2006 is known as the great leap. On August 21, he opened his first restaurant “Le Querce” in Forest Hill, at number 66 Brockley Rise. lq19In the warm atmosphere of the restaurant, it is easy to indulge in good food at celebrations, events and moments of conviviality with family and friends. Perhaps the pleasure of taste is contained in the feelings it evokes, in an unmistakable emotion, created by a fellowship of experience and knowledge. Echoes and references to a known past, that feeds the senses and takes us on a journey from the infinite nuances.
It is not necessary to use a lot of adjectives to describe the food that finds its roots in the passion of the chef who takes care of every single dish carefully.
The result of research and the most current reworking of traditional Mediterranean and Sardinian cuisine in particular, can be found at Le Querce. lq11Perfumes, lightness of taste and flavours of the past are the most salient features of this culinary art, that rewards the palate while maintaining the digestibility. Eating at Le Querce is an experience you will not forget and who knows how far you may have travelled, from the lands forged by the sun, the sea and the deep silence of the wind.  

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