News from the Chef!

Antonello has some exciting news in the pipeline, including more courses and seminars to keep our desserts new and inventive, and ensure our ice creams continue to be yummy!   Next time you dine with us, why not try one of our semifreddi, inspired from the Babbi semifreddo course!   Keep checking back for updates!   Antonello attended the Babbi ice-cream course in November 2017, and a semifreddo course in February 2018. He mastered techniques from the best of the best at Babbi, to bring you an even more exciting ¬†experience- needless to say our gelato has gotten wilder- with Gorgonzola being our favourite to date. IMG_4028IMG_4035  

"It was such an unbelievable experience, I loved every minute" he said, so went ahead and attended their Semifreddi seminar in February 2018.

Corso Semifreddi e Pasticceria Fredda - Febbraio 2018